Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a Melem Ambassador?

To achieve the status of the Melem Ambassador, you need to invite a minimum of 10 new participants to the Happy Customers Club by forwarding them an e-mail invitation with your ambassador code. You can also share the invitation with your friends on Facebook. Once all 10 of the new members have entered your ambassador code during registration and submitted at least one Melem packaging code, you will be given the Melem Ambassador status for one year. During your time as the Melem Ambassador, you will receive double the points whenever you enter a Melem packaging code.

How long can I exchange points for gifts?

The Melem Happy Customers Club does not have an expiry date, so it is good until discontinued by the organizer. For any news on the Melem Happy Customers Club, visit the club’s official social network pages.

Who is eligible to become a Melem Happy Customers Club member?

Any natural person older than 18 with registered residence in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro can become a member of the Melem Happy Customers Club. You can find more details on membership in the official Terms of Use.

How do I win Club points?

You win points by entering the code found on the inside of a Melem product packaging into the corresponding field in the Melem Happy Customers Club. The input field can be found by selecting “Enter the code from the packaging”. Once you enter the code, simply select “Confirm” and you will receive feedback on if your code is correct.

Where can I find the unique code to participate in the Melem Happy Customers Club?

You can find the unique code on the inside of the packaging of the following Melem products: Melem 10 ml, Melem Lip Balm 4.5 g, Melem Men Lip Balm 4.5 g, Melem Rose Lip Balm 4.5 g, Melem Soap 70 g, Melem Tube 25 ml, Melem Tube 50 ml, Melem 35 ml, Melem Lavender, Melem Rosemary, Melem Sage, Melem Rose, Melem Cardamom and Oats, Melem Cinnamon and Honey.