Terms of Use

By registering on the website, you agree to the terms of the Melem Happy Customers Club program.

READ CAREFULLY. By registering on the website, you agree to the following terms of the Melem Happy Customers Club program. The Happy Customers Club is organized by Neva d.o.o, Obrtnička 37, 10437 Bestovje, Rakitje (hereinafter referred to as “organizer”).


1. Definitions

1.1. The Melem Happy Customers Club (hereinafter referred to as “Happy Customers Club”) is a loyalty reward program, in which participants who have become members, in accordance with these terms, collect points that can be exchanged for rewards listed on the following website: https://melem.com (hereinafter referred as “website”).


2. Membership

2.1. Members of the Happy Customers Club (hereinafter referred to as “members” or “participants”) can be natural persons with registered residence in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro, who are aged 18 and above, and are not employed or contracted, or whose family members are not employed or contracted, by the following companies: Grafičar d.o.o., Ludbreg, Offset tisak d.o.o., Zagreb, and Naša djeca tiskara d.d., Zagreb.

2.2. The Happy Customers Club can be joined by any person who meets the requirements stated in paragraph 2.1., completes the registration process and opens an account on https://melem.com. For this step, the participants need to have a valid e-mail address, a Facebook account or an Instagram account. In case of a dispute concerning a user’s identity, it will be assumed that the registered participant is the owner of their e-mail address, Facebook or Instagram account. The number of user accounts and e-mail addresses per person is limited to one. Any individual person can register using only one e-mail address, Facebook or Instagram account. By registering, the participants confirm they are familiar with the terms of use of the Happy Customers Club and agree to them in their entirety.

2.3. By registering, the participant gets their own account in the Happy Customers Club, where they accrue Melem points in accordance with the club’s terms.

2.4. Melem points are not transferable between accounts in the Happy Customers Club, regardless of whether they are owned by one or more participants.

2.5. The organizer reserves the right to terminate the membership of a participant who has broken the rules laid out by these terms of use. A participant whose membership was terminated for violating the terms of the Happy Customers Club loses the right to reapply for membership, as well as to any points accrued by that time, and other reward-related rights.

2.6. The organizer maintains the right to refuse membership if all membership requirements have not been met.

2.7. Participants are responsible for the secrecy of their user accounts and passwords, as well as for restricting access to their computers. Moreover, participants are responsible for any activities concerning their user accounts and passwords.

2.8. The organizer has the right to temporarily or permanently suspend the use of a participant’s account, if they should find something is not in accordance with the Happy Customers Club’s terms of use. In case of violation of the terms of use, activities harmful to the organizer, misrepresentation, or unlawful activities related to the Happy Customers Club, the organizer has the right, at their discretion, to suspend a participant’s membership and/or strip them of their previously accrued points collected through the Happy Customers Club.


3. Collecting Melem points and point value

3.1. Club members collect Melem points (hereinafter referred to as “points”) by purchasing Melem products, except for products that are explicitly excluded from the program, as stated in these terms. A unique code is printed on the inside of the cardboard packaging, and it is available until stocks run out. Once the Happy Customers Club participants have opened their accounts, they can start collecting points by entering the unique codes. A participant can enter a single code only once, and the number of points awarded depends on the number of entered codes. Each code on the inside of the Melem product packaging is worth as stated in the following table:


Product Number of points awarded per unit of product
Melem 35 ml 40
Melem Rose 35 ml 40
Melem 10 ml 20
Melem Lip Balm 4,5 g 20  
Melem Rose Lip Balm 4,5 g 20
Melem Men Lip Balm 4,5 g 20
Melem Tube 25 ml 30
Melem Tube 50 ml 50
Melem Soap 20
Melem Lavender 40
Melem Rosemary 40
Melem Sage 40
Melem Rose 40


The number of codes that can be entered in a single day is unlimited. Participants collect Melem points by entering codes in their user accounts. The information on the rewards and the number of points needed to get each reward is available on the website.

3.2. Points are calculated and awarded to participants in accordance with the rules and terms stated in the Happy Customers Club’s terms of use and the current point collection system (hereinafter referred to as “point system”). The point system is available online in the participants’ user accounts.

3.3. Points are awarded automatically after entering a unique code. The organizer will strive to transfer points to user accounts regularly, but each participant is responsible for checking the status of valid points before exchanging them. Participants must submit a request to replace any irregularly calculated points within 14 days of the code entry. The organizer will not be liable for misprints, point calculation errors or user account errors. The organizer reserves the right to remove points from a user account if it is found that they were awarded in error or won by fraud. The organizer reserves the right to request physical proof of codes and receipts, as proof of purchase, in case there is suspicion of irregular code entry into an account or point accrual through fraud. The organizer reserves the right to suspend the transfer and exchange of points for rewards, in order to ensure compliance with the Happy Customers Club’s terms of use.

3.4. Points are awarded automatically upon entry of elements comprising the user profile, per the following table:


Form entry Number of points
Entry of one’s experience 2
Selection of one’s sex 1
Entry of one’s date of birth 1
Entry of one’s date telephone number 2
Selection of one’s marital status 1
Selection of the number of one’s children 1
Selection of one’s personal income level 1
Selection of the number of members in one’s household 1
Entry of one’s favorite brands 1
Selection of the frequency of using Melem weekly 1
Entry of one’s fields of interest 1


Participants can enter one experience for each Melem product; for every experience entered and made public, the participants get 2 points.

3.5. Points are valid and can be used until the Happy Customers Club is discontinued.

3.6. Points cannot be exchanged for cash, transferred to another person or account, or inherited. Moreover, participants will not be reimbursed for any points left in their accounts once the program is terminated. It will not be possible to transfer these points to other programs by the same organizer.

3.7. The organizer can change or suspend any existing point-giving option, or even add a new one. Participants will be notified of any changes in advance, via the website, and those changes will not affect the number of points already collected.

3.8. The organizer will notify the participants on the number of their points. Moreover, the participants can always check the number of their points through their user accounts on the website.

3.9. Any participant can reach the status of a Melem Ambassador (hereinafter referred to as “Ambassador”). To achieve the ambassador status, the participant needs to invite a minimum of 10 new participants to the Happy Customers Club by forwarding them an e-mail invitation with their ambassador code. The participant can also share their ambassador code on Facebook. The new participants need to enter the ambassador code, which they received from the participant who wants to become an ambassador, when filling in the registration form on https://melem.com. Once all 10 of the new members have entered the said ambassador code during registration and submitted at least one Melem packaging code, the participant will be given the Melem Ambassador status for a period of one year. During that period, the participant will earn double Melem points whenever they enter a Melem packaging code.


4. Rewards

4.1. Once a participant collects a certain number of points, they can exchange these points for a reward listed on the website https://melem.com. The rewards will be rotated for the duration of the program and while stocks last. The organizer can change the list of rewards at any time; however, that will not affect the rights of the participants.

4.2. Unless otherwise stated on https://melem.com, rewards will be delivered up to three months from the moment of exchanging the points. Moreover, the rewards will be delivered only to addresses in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro. If a product is temporarily out of stock, the organizer reserves the right to replace the original reward with a similar product of the same or greater value.

4.3. Currently available rewards and points needed to win the said rewards are posted on https://melem.com.


5. Exchanging Melem points

5.1. Participants with enough points can exchange them for the rewards on offer at the time the participants wish to exchange their points for certain rewards.

5.2. Instructions to exchange Melem points are available on https://melem.com.

5.3. The organizer will cover the cost of a single delivery of the reward to a participant, and will not pay for any other costs.


6. Resigning membership of the Happy Customers Club

6.1. By sending a written request to Neva d.o.o., Obrtnička 37, 10 437 Bestovje, Rakitje or e-mailing it to melem@melem.com, participants can resign their Happy Customers Club membership at any time.

6.2. In case of membership termination, for whatever reason (including one’s death), any unused points will be cancelled.


7. Consent to personal data processing and protection

7.1. For the duration of the Happy Customers Club, the organizer collects and processes the participants’ personal data, and informs them on the status of their membership and the benefits they get from the Happy Customers Club. The organizer manages the Happy Customers Club points and uses the participants’ personal data to regulate their memberships and deliver rewards.

7.2. By visiting the website https://melem.com and opening a user account, the participant agrees to the following terms:

- For the duration of the Happy Customers Club, the information on the website is used to carry out the Happy Customers Club program, adjust to individual customers, and upgrade the offer and the quality of the organizer’s services.

- The organizer may send members free-of-charge, custom-tailored information through e-mail and text messages for the duration of the Happy Customers Club, and send custom-tailored advertisements through various advertising networks. Should a member not want to receive information unrelated to the Happy Customers Club, they can send a written request to Neva d.o.o., Obrtnička 37, 10437 Bestovje, Rakitje, or via e-mail to melem@melem.com. The organizer is obliged to process and protect the participants’ data as per the Personal Data Protection Act.

- By contacting the Melem team via the contact form on the website https://www.melem.com/kontakt/, the participant gives consent for information provided in this way to be used to receive the requested information from the Melem team.


8. Other terms

8.1. These terms and the point system are available on https://melem.com. Any additional information can be obtained by calling the toll-free number 0800 0009 or sending an e-mail to melem@melem.com.

8.2. By participating in the Happy Customers Club, each participant fully accepts the terms and rules of the Happy Customers Club.


9. Final provisions

9.1. These terms are valid as of May 25, 2018. They are available on the Happy Customers Club’s website https://melem.com. The organizer reserves the right to amend these terms; any amendments will be announced on the club’s website, and participants will be notified as well.

9.2. In case of any dispute or request for compensation arising from these terms and conditions, the parties will endeavor to find an amicable settlement. In case they fail to reach a settlement, the dispute will be under the authority of the competent court in Zagreb.


10. Limitation of liability

10.1. The organizer will endeavor to use the user account data correctly, and will not be liable for late delivery or technical errors arising from incorrectly submitted participant data.

10.2. The organizer will not be liable for loss, delay, incompleteness, theft, inaccuracy, illegibility or failure to meet the registration requirements, entered data and codes, numbers and e-mails, delivery dates or any malfunction of computers, telephones, or satellite, cable, network, electronic or online equipment.

10.3. Furthermore, the organizer will not be liable for errors in connections, failed or incorrect data transmissions, network accessibility and availability, any technical errors, unauthorized access, irregular or incorrect registration, entering other data. Moreover, the organizer will not be liable for cases where acquisition of said data is unsuccessful or for any loss of data.

10.4. Without challenging the rights of participants provided by the personal data protection regulations, the organizer will not be liable for incorrect data, whether arising from a user’s mistake or website error, breaches or unauthorized access to content, or if the cause is the equipment or program used to implement the Happy Customers Club. Furthermore, the organizer will not be liable for any errors, disruptions, data erasure and delays in operation or transmission, communication link errors, technical errors, input or unauthorized access to the program via the internet.

10.5. The organizer will not be liable for damage or malfunctions on participants or other persons’ computers arising from participation in the Happy Customers Club or the transfer of data from the website, or simply from the use of the website. If, for any reason, the Happy Customers Club program cannot be carried out as planned, for instance, due to computer viruses, unauthorized actions, fraud, technical malfunctions or any other reason the organizer believes could prevent or affect security, fairness, integrity or correct implementation of this program, the organizer reserves the right to, at their own discretion, cancel, terminate, amend the terms or discontinue the Happy Customers Club.

10.6. The loyalty program will last until the organizer decides to discontinue it.