Ten things that harm your skin but that you are unaware of

Ten things that harm your skin but that you are not aware of.

The skin is our guard that endures cold and sunrays for us, and protects us from harmful external influence.

The skin is also our biggest and most important organ. How can we have perfect skin? Can we go too far with care and the amount of products we use? Which of our actions harm the skin?

Here are the ten most frequent things we do that harm our skin.


1. Stress

Today, stress is the most common factor in many health issues; however, considering the lifestyle of the times we live in, it is difficult to avoid it. Stress makes our faces accumulate a lot of tension, we frown, wrinkle our foreheads and generally contract our skin. Stress works from the inside as well, hindering the peeling of the dead cells from the skin surface, so it looks dry and uneven, with clogged pores leading to appearance of acne.


2. Poor diet

We all know that a healthy diet is the basis of health – both on the inside and the outside. Still, we somehow end up neglecting it, and thanks to our busy lifestyle we tend to eat whatever is at hand, just to make the hunger go away. Fatty food, too much salt and sugar in our food and drinks, alcohol and coffee, they all destroy collagen and dry out the skin. It is also necessary to drink enough water to keep the skin hydrated.


3. Long, hot showers

We love to take a shower after a long, hard day. But if you spend too much time in the shower or if the water is too hot, you will do your skin more harm than good. You will remove its outer layer, leaving it dry and flaky. If your skin goes red and itchy during a shower, it is time to go out.


4. Towel rubbing

After a long shower, you dry your body by thoroughly rubbing yourself with a towel. If it is not already red from the hot water, by now your skin is definitely going to be crimson. By rubbing your skin, you remove its protective outer layer. It is better to gently dab yourself, simply absorbing the water with the towel.


5. Too-frequent peeling

In an attempt to make it as clean as possible, sometimes we can go overboard with facial wash, makeup removal and peeling products. Make sure your peeling product is not overly aggressive, and do not use it more than once a week. Otherwise, you will be ruining the natural oils that give your skin its healthy glow.


6. Not changing your pillow cases regularly

Pillow cases collect dead skin cells that fall off overnight, as well as sweat and grease, so experts advise changing them as often as possible. You should change your face towel every day, and wash it at high temperatures, just like your pillow cases.


7. Hair products that get on your face

Hair products such as hairspray are full of chemicals that are not intended for the skin and actually harm it. When applying hairspray, always protect your face. When exercising, wear headbands to prevent chemicals coming down from you hair onto your face with sweat.


8. Irregular exercise

What does exercise have to do with skin health? Exercise encourages blood flow and lends facial skin a healthy glow. Sweat takes toxins out of the body and removes dead skin cells, allowing new ones to form. Some studies have shown that a lack of exercise leads to age spots.


9. Dry cleaning clothes

If you take your clothes to dry cleaning, remove the nylon sheet as soon as you get home. The sheet prevents the clothes from “breathing”. The longer your clothes stay in the sheet, the more harmful chemicals they will absorb.


10. Not wearing sunblock

Whether it is summer or winter, sunblock should be a mandatory part of your beauty routine. As basic as this advice may sound, many women still do not wear it. Most face powders and creams already contain a protection factor, so just pay attention to the label the next time you go shopping. You will do yourself a great favor if you introduce sunblock into your daily routine.

24. May 2018.

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