Melem rewards your loyalty!
Become a member of the club, collect points and claim gifts.


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How to collect points?

  • Buy a Melem product and find the code.

    Choose one of the products from our wide-ranging offer and find the code hidden inside the packaging.

  • Enter the code and collect points.

    Enter the code that you found and collect points in the Melem Club .

  • Exchange your points for gifts.

    You can exchange the collected points for some of the many gifts we have prepared for you as a thank you for your loyalty.

Still not a member of the Happy Customers Club?

Join us and we will reward you with five starting points for activating your account!


Already a member of the club?

About the loyalty program

Welcome to our special club, the Melem Happy Customers Club. We started this club because we wanted to thank our customers for their continuing loyalty by giving them small tokens of appreciation and show them how much we are happy and proud that they have chosen Melem.

Furthermore, through this club we want to give our customers a chance to share their own experiences with Melem. Dear buyers, we also want to hear from you and consider your comments and wishes when creating and developing Melem products.

Not only is our goal to make the best-quality skincare products, but also to show you how much we appreciate the fact that you trust our experts and allow us to take care of your skin. We also wish to reward your loyalty, encourage you to try new Melem products, communicate with our team, and share your experiences so that together we can all create an even better Melem Club. Welcome!